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Developed for one specific mobile OS (iOS, Android, Win Phone) using respective platform language.

Why native :
  • Best app performance
  • Access to device specific features
  • Native UI out of the box


Created using an intermediate framework with a non-native language (JavaScript, C#) then compiled into native code.

Why cross platform :
  • Native-like look and performance
  • Reuse of the app codebase
  • Access to specific technologies like Unity


A combination of native and web technologies. The result is a standalone app that runs using the embedded web browser.

Why hybrid :
  • Short development time
  • Code can be shared up to 80%
  • Easy app updates

IOS App Development

Currently, the most successful OS ever based on its friendly, relatively un-fragmented experience.

Android App Development

World’s most popular mobile platform with over one billion active users.

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft mobile operating system that is installed on Windows smartphones and Surface tablets to replace PCs.

Cross Platform App

Cross-platform apps target several platforms to shorten timeline and enable easier codebase maintenance.

Mobile Testing

Mobile and web-based apps are probably the most challenging solutions due to constant improvements of technologies.

Code Inspection

Code inspection is a formal check of the app codebase on performance, bugs, architecture, readability, etc., in order to determine its quality.

Android has become world-wide popular and ideal choice for users due to its flexibility, adaptability and ease of usage.

Android being one of the fastest emerging operating system among smartphone devices, android app development has gained a wide popularity in the app development industry. It has multiple versions and they consist of huge number of resolutions for screen. There are millions of users for Android world-wide. Our Android App development services follow the best in class Android architectural standards and helps in Android application development across various platforms such as Android phone, tablets, Android TV etc.

E-Adept Solutions is a renowned Mobile application development company in India that offers professional android app development services. Our professional team of Android App developers assure to provide our customers with innovative apps with their skills for design, development, testing and deployment of Android Apps. They have an added expertise in Push Notifications, FireBase APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Location Based Service/Google Map APIs, Android Security Architecture and other latest technologies.

At E-adept Solutions, our team of highly skilled iOS developers work closely with our customers to transform your innovative idea to reality.

We are an eminent mobile app development company in India that always offers perfect and dynamic iPhone app development services around the globe. Our iOS App Development service team at E-adept have an in-depth knowledge in the latest iPhone and iPad development techniques. They are well versed in various fields of iOS App development service which includes SDK and APIs. We also have developed apps using cross platform development tools like phone gap. This has in turn helped us to deliver simple to complex custom iOS Apps for small scale to large scale business enterprises.

Build applications to work on multiple platforms to reach a wide number of audience

There are various mobile platforms to develop and sustain mobile apps for each platform. Development of apps in native is an expensive one. Cross platform apps create a path for the enterprises to invest in a low cost framework. For reduced cost, time and effort, developers prefer to go with the cross platform mobile app development company. At E-Adept, we have a team of professionals who are well versed in web technologies such as HTML, CS3, JavaScript. Phone Gap, jQuery, Angular.js, Xamarin are the best used HTML 5 frameworks that are used to develop apps across all devices.

Technologies used for Mobile Development