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Each of our Designs is custom created in-house to your specifications. We do not buy and use pre-made design templates

Re-Designing a Website

If your site is not performing and bringing in new business it is time for a redesign.

If you realize that your existing Site can't be found on the internet through a search engine and can only be accessed by using the URL. A website needs to be designed professionally to ensure the website is correctly optimized for the search engines, has a design to suit the content, is easy to use and navigate around and loads quickly so visitors don't have to wait to view your web pages. We have spent a lot of time researching search engines and techniques for design. It won't take long to view your website and code to let you know what is needed to ensure your site looks great and ranks highly with the search engines.

There are major aspects to Re-Design your website.

  • Graphic Design: - The Visual of Website is important, but avoid choosing designs based on what looks and feels good to you. Yourwebsite isn’t for you. It’s for your market.
  • Responsive Designs: - If current website is not responsive there is a need for a Re-design as you can eschew many of the current trends in website design, but not accessibility. Users are looking at company information at work, on the go, when a computer isn’t nearby.Mobile web usage is growing at an extremely rapid rate that presents enormous opportunity. A website that is not optimized for mobile usage and performance stands the potential to leave an enormous amount of opportunity and business on the table.
  • Set Website for SEO Success: -If Current Site is not SEO Success and Search Engine Ranks are low there is a need to redesign the Website. A new or rebuilt website relies on SEO to make initial contact with consumers.Start thinking about Google algorithms to ensure your website is focused on rewarded tactics and not old SEO practices.
  • Content: - In order to stand out amongst competitors in your industry, you need to provide content on your website that is relative to your market, and informative to your audience

Our redesigned sites are carefully planned to support your brand and bring recognition through ensuring every aspect of your new site matches and enhances your other sales collateral.

Responsive Designs

Responsive Design prepares websites for the future of modern website design by making them beautiful across multiple devices.

If your site is not ‘mobile friendly’ it probably isn't being displayed in Google search listings on mobile devices. That’s an enormous amount of potential clients that may never get to see your site. According to recent studies more than 60% of searches are now done on mobile devices. So what is a responsive website? Well, a responsive website will adapt to display gracefully on desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. A responsive website looks great and is user friendly no matter whether you’re looking at it on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Having a responsive website gives you a great advantage because you only need update your website from one place and you don’t present your potential customers with the obstacle of having to download an app. Accessing content on multiple devices, from desktops and tablets to laptops and phones, is now a normal part of our lives, which makes responsive design a critical component of your website. Today we continue to leverage our expertise by consolidating your content into a single site that delivers a flawless user experience across multiple devices. This simple, flexible approach supports improved customer engagement at multiple touch points to increase conversions and grow your business.

Responsive website design can drastically cut down on development time and cost. Rather than spending the time and resources building a separate mobile website in addition to your traditional desktop website, the responsive design approach enables you to optimize your business for both desktop and mobile with a single website.


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